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Readers from around the South Shore have left audio comments on our voice mail line, speaking out on abuse of the state disability pension system. Hear what they have to say -- or call 781-340-3156 to leave your own message.

 Click here to hear our latest audio letters (3:35)

Others have replied in letters and comments on our web site.

As firefighters there is one underlying fact that we acknowledge: sooner or later in the performance of our duties we are most likely going to sustain some type of injury. It may be slight and temporary in nature, or it could be permanently debilitating. But it will happen.In The Patriot Ledger’s series on public disability pensions, Quincy firefighter disability retirements from as long as 35 years ago were brought under public scrutiny. I believe this is unfair." Read more from Quincy firefighter William Arienti.

Regarding disability pensions awarded for stress: Get real! -- Read more from Bob Trott, Weymouth

The Ledger is to be congratulated for its three-part series turning over the rock that is our state employee disability pension system to show us what slithers around underneath. -- Read more from Robert Ruplenas of Weymouth

The commonwealth and local municipalities will never cure this abuse. There is only one way to prevent this from occurring: The U.S. Attorney’s Office must become involved. -- Read more from Phil Dwyer of Duxury

As I perused the compilation of the “Top 50 South Shore Disability Pensions,” I was disturbed to see number 33 listing Dennis Malloy for the town of Hanover. Officer Malloy passed away just three weeks ago. By the way, in case you were wondering, Officer Malloy lost a leg in the line of duty. -- Read more from Liz Discoll of Hanover

What a lousy attempt by the Patriot Ledger to SELL papers. They have been plugging this story all week like it’s a big deal. PL should be ashamed of themselves. I have the outermost respect for public service workers such as the fire, police and emergency medical personnel." -- George

As a news outlet, you have a platform to inform people of the good and bad going on within government. Keep it up. No doubt the diability benefit is a good thing, but unfortunately it is a system that can be abused." -- TJL

Just another shot by the Patriot Ledger at police and fire fighters. This is not good journalism because there is not a story here. It stands to reason that police officers and firefighters are going to hurt at a higher rate than other jobs….that's the nature of the job itself. Why punish employees who are hurt in the line of duty and can not continue working? -- IamaQ5

A great series of informative, investigative articles. It is nice to see some metrics around retirement figures across the country. Hopefully, you have pulled down the covers enough to enlighten our politicians to repair the system! -- Brocktonbornandbred

This is the type of waste and grift us in the private sector talk about when it comes time to raise our taxes AGAIN. -- Willie

You will not hear me say this too much, Ledger great job. -- Mike

This is a one sided politically motivated article based on the legislative action in the last few weeks. -- r guy

The PL Editorial Board must feel the stress from their long 9-2 shift. It must be difficult wining and dining your clients/friends at the finest restaurants. That five hour day can be stressful. I’m sure they know a great deal about public safety professionals. -- quicy2010

Now how about a story of the 99% of us who don’t abuse the system? -- Tony T

You make me sick. Good attempt at sensationalism. Hey if you want to make a name for yourself why not go after the real scum bags of the world. The writers that throw enough poo against the wall so some will eventually stick. -- Jim

One of the Quincy COPs on the list had a heart attack right after arresting a violent suspect. He was rushed to BMC and almost died. Now he is on disability and would like nothing more than to come back to work, but he can’t because of the extensive damage to his heart. Thank You Patriot Ledger for printing the list with his name on it as if he is one of the handful of abusers. It is nice to know what the people we risk our lives for think of us. -- Whathe

Read all the comments posted about this series